Argo CD: Enable Gzip Compression to Speed Up Web UI

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Argo CD is a powerful GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. However, Argo CD Web UI is very slow when managing a lot of Applications.
How can we faster the Web UI ?

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Enable Gzip Compression

The easiest way to speed it up is to compress all its resources. Enabling Gzip compression on argocd-server is the simplest and most efficient ways to achieve that.

The argocd-server is a gRPC/REST server which exposes the API consumed by the Web UI. It can be configured by the --enable-gzipoption to Enable GZIP compression

argocd-server [flags]              --enable-gzip       Enable GZIP compression

If your Argo CD is installed using the community maintained Argo CD Chart, using the following configuration to enable Gzip compression.

- --enable-gzip

Wrap up

When possible, enable Gzip compression to speed up Argo CD Web UI.

The gzip compression will significantly reduce the amount of data loaded by the UI.




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